We are in Crete since some days, overwhelmed by the celebrations that mark the end of the Blue Water Rally! We have been lucky to get to Crete before the wind turned from the West/Northwest blowing for 3 consecutive days; the last group of yachts which were expected to transit the Canal the day after us, and that were postponed … Continua a leggere


Friday evening, the confirmation: tomorrow we transit through the Canal! We will get through in one day, so the departure will be very early, wake-up at 4 a.m.!! We are lucky as usual and are drawn as one of the boats with a pilot on board, and will presumably enjoy the relevant baksheesh requests and all that. Saturday morning, 5:30, … Continua a leggere


We were forewarned, the 180 miles from Hurghada to Suez are the toughest, the Red Sea gets narrow and the wind always blows from the Northwest, with infrequent pauses of which we will have to take advantage with no delay. When we came back from the Luxor trip, the forecasts were calling for few more hours of light winds, to … Continua a leggere


One cannot come to Egypt and avoid being immersed in this country’s ancient history, the history of a complex and technologically advanced culture that flourished when Troy was still a florid town on the Bosphorus and Athens and Sparta were two villages… You think of the Pyramids, and it’s difficult to realise that already during the “New Kingdom”, 3500 years … Continua a leggere