We are in Crete since some days, overwhelmed by the celebrations that mark the end of the Blue Water Rally!

We have been lucky to get to Crete before the wind turned from the West/Northwest blowing for 3 consecutive days; the last group of yachts which were expected to transit the Canal the day after us, and that were postponed by one more day at the last minute, were not so lucky and had to tack all the way to here (and they did not enjoy it a little bit!).

Lucky yes, but not too much: we were approaching the eastern shores of crete in flat calm, when the engine packed up!!! (had it happened in the Suez Canal, at 1300 dollars an hour for a tow, it would have been a disaster!…)

After some hours of futile attempts at finding the source of the problem (air in the fuel lines) we temporarily solved the problem connecting the fuel pipes to a jerrycan; later it took us a day of work to discover an occlusion inside the water-separator filter: now it should be ok!
We were beginning to believe in a sort of “Curse of the Mediterranean”, since we had a similar problem just when leaving the Med two years ago!…

We have not yet had the time to explore the island, but we certainly had the time to taste the local cuisine and expecially the size of the servings!!

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