Athens, from A like Agora to Z like Zea Marina…

“Athens is the ugliest Capital in Europe” claimed our Pilot Book, which then added “well, if you are there, take advantage of the stop to go and see the Partenon and the National Museum”…

We do not agree too much: indeed, the town is large and uninspiring, mostly made of concrete boxes built in the last decades, but the historical centre, with its many roads closed to traffic, is pleasant and the area around the Acropolis is weel arranged. The Partenon is the main piece, but in reality the whole area around the acropolis, the ancient Agora and the various temples are all very spectacular.

The National Museum is a huge place full of extraordinary pieces of art, it takes one day just for a very superficial visit!
My preferred item is the bronze statue of Poseidon preparing to throw his trident (but maybe it’s Zeus launching a lightning…), possibly not a very original choice (but it’s always a good thing to please the god of the sea!).
Like several others, this statue has been recovered from the site of an ancient wreck.

We had nearly decided to skip Athens, in light of the little-enthusiastic remarks of the Pilot Book and of the stated difficulty in finding a mooring in the area; the expected arrival of bad weather convinced us to give it a try, so we called Zea Marina and, surprise, we got a place! The Marina is quite far from the city centre, but after a couple of days we had fully mastered the bus and Metro routes around town.

Now, after a week’s stopover, it’s time to leave again, bound for the Corinth Canal which will allow us a quick transit to the ionian islands that we visited already in a previous voyage.

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