Keep in touch with the other boats, talk to family and friends back home, get weather forecasts, update a blog or a web-site, hail that passing ship which seems to be on a collision course and, touch wood, call the cavalry in case of an emergency: the modern communications systems have a solution (or maybe more than one!…) to all … Continua a leggere

WHAT WORKED, WHAT DIDN’T (part 2, the systems)

A modern boat is complex and although Shaula3 was one of the less sophisticated boats (along with the other boats at the low-end of the fleet) we are nevertheless quite far from Moitessier’s “Joshua”!… NAVIGATION SYSTEMS: our navigation systems were based on the Raymarine range, in order to take advantage from the integrated instruments’ ability to share date among themselves, … Continua a leggere


The most frequent question we are asked is, rather obviously, “what are the most beautyfull places that you have visited?” The first answer, maybe a little provocatively, is “all of them!”, and to some extent this is true because all places we saw had some merit, and after all the Rally itinerary is crafted to choose the best places along … Continua a leggere

Time for a summary….

The adventure has come to an end, although we are still busy reorganising our life at home, and we still have 20.000 photos and more than 30 hours of movies to edit. Before moving on to new adventures, there is still room for some general conclusions to be drawn from this voyage: stay tuned!