After two years since our return home, I finally managed to find the time to fix our website, at the address:

Our original plan was to update the site during the voyage around the world, but very soon we had to ackowledge that this was unrealistic, because in order to update a web-site a large number of files needs to be uploaded, and this requires fast and stable connections, a commodity we seldom had available from remote locations.

Few things are more frustrating that having to waste hours on the PC, trying over and over again to complete an upload, while at anchor in a dream location!

The last blow to our strategy was dealt by our provider, who changed the addressing and naming convention for photos, so that all images and the links to all photo-albums disappeared from the site! Correction to these problems was simply far too much work (now it took me one week of work to do it) so we decided as an emergency solution to open two BLOGs, one in Italian and one in english, that could be updated just by e-mail.

The restoration of our web-site is planned in 3 stages:

1) restore all pre-existing images and links (DONE)
2) fill the existing pages which were foreseen to tell the story of the circumnavigation while it unfolded (hopefully within 2-3 weeks)
3) completely revise the site, which originally was written mostly before the events, to add feedback from the actual experience (in a couple of months?)

Have a look, if you wish, at the address:

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