I just realize that we never talked about the laundry: during a short summer cruise this is seldom a problem, in most cases you may need to was some bathing costumes in a bucket, or you can wait until you go back home, but in a 20-month voyage obviously you need to tackle this problem!

Every time we reached a mooring equipped with fresh water, all the boats were soon covered by laundry drying in the breeze: some boats even were equipped with much-envied washing machines (although they gave a lot of problems with incompatible shore-power due to a voltage or frequency mismatch); all the others were making do with buckets.

Availability of fresh water was a rarity though, usually available only once every several weeks, but local laundry services would then come to the rescue. Quite often you did not even go around searching for a laundry, but entrepreneuring locals were going around the boats offering their services.

Unfortunately, quality of the laundry services turned out to be very variable, both concerning price as well as timeliness, cleanliness and the returning of all your stuff! It did not happen to us, but several boats had their laundry mixed-up with that of other boats or simply lost!

It’s not easy to give advice on how to choose you laundry service: we had excellent and cheap service from local women doing the washing at their own home, and mediocre service from washing-machine equipped shops which seemed much more professional.

Only advice, when in port ask around between the boats that came-in before you, you may spare yourself some trouble.

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