We are in Fiumara Grande, a branch of the Tiber river near Fiumicino, to work on the boat: the general idea would be to put the boat back in the water by week’s end, which means to complete some works which require the hull out of the water, like:
– install the transducer for the new log and depth sounder
– repair or replace the stern-gland which is dangerously worn
– fix the rudder lifting system which is not working properly
– clean the hull which is dirty, and I mean DIRTY!
– put new antifouling paint on

Working hard the two of us, we could barely make it, but…

IT’S RAINING!!! It’ raining hard!! And the forecasts call for rain until middle of the week!

And to add insult to injury:

– the former owners have taken away a number of items that they should have left alone, and compensated by leaving on board a ton of garbage…

– every time I look somewere, I see more jobs to do, although at least most works can wait until the boat will be back in the water, but they will take time and money…

– while we were at a shopping centre to buy stuff, someone broke one of our car’s windows; more money and more time spent to have it fixed!


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