Since our arrival in Jesolo with the wrec… sorry I mean with THE BOAT, despite the short distance from our house to the Marina we have not progressed much with the arrangement/improvement/total remake jobs.The problem is that the solutions to the various jobs are inter-related: the position choosen for the batteries may require moving the fridge, the solution for the water tanks implies the removal of the current tanks (two 60-liter jerrycans, actually: definitely too small!), we need to find a place for the gas bottles (in compliance with the current regulation) and for the black waters tank, and so on…Now, after more than one month of head-scratching, flipping the pages of innumerable catalogs and discarding idea after idea, the various solutions are beginning to take shape: I know what I want to do, I know (more or less) how to do it and with what materials: I just need to do it!In the mean time, we are well into september, days are shortening and in about one month we will have to lift the boat out of the water.When we purchased this boat, we thought the works to do on it would mainly consist of a repainting job inside and outside, updating and completing the electronics, and perhaps some maintenance jobs on sails and engine.The situation turned out to be much worse, all systems need major reworks if not a total replacement:- the stern gland was in such a bat state that we had to replace it immediately- gas does not flow freely through the pipes and the gas bottle housing is not safe- batteries need repositioning and the wiring needs to be redone- the cool-box has two compressors, both not working well and needing a rearrangement- the instrument panel in the charting area will have to be replaced, after having removed the old instruments and installed the new ones- the engine needs the attention of a pro for an extensive overhaul (or maybe it will be cheaper to replace it…)- the installation of a black-water tank, with its pipes and valves, is rather difficult due to space limitations- the mast will require a lot of work, replacing the cabling and adding an anchor light, wind transducer, VHF aerial and a radar antenna.- the rigging is old and should be replaced- all winches are useless or in a poor state, we have replaced some and will replace the rest- we need a new autopilot, built this century and integrated with the other instruments (a big convenience)- the is no gang-plank nor its attachment on the stern- the interior cushions need re-doing, both cloth and foamand then the more SERIOUS problem, the lifting-keel has a dangerous play: we’ll need to find out what are its conditions and how the play is supposed to be reduced (there should be a mechanism, but we have no info on its location and working principle)…and to add insult to injury, the deck is in urgent need of a repaint job, and the interior is even worse!True, we paid the boat relatively little compared to the market price of a similar boat in good condition, but it is now clear that we will spend more than what we could eventually recover from a sale, and what’s worse the time needed to fix everything is becoming very long, instead of sailing we are forced to work!!We’ll see….

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