In the last weeks I have no longer been able to access our web-site at the address to update it; not unusual, our provider has given us occasional problems before.At last, after many fruitless attempts, I decided to change our provider, and we have taken the opportunity to CREATE A NEW SITE, related to the name of the new boat:http://www.shaula4.itnow the old address POINTS TO THE SAME CONTENT, and that’s how it will stay for the foreseeable future.THE CONTENT OF THE SITE IS JUST AN UPDATE OF THE OLD ONE, we will continue to publish stories based on our experience in the circum-navigation on “Shaula3” but will also cover the new “Shaula4” project.If you are accustomed to reach our web-site using the address, NOTHING WILL CHANGE and you will continue to reach the site’s home page; on the contrary, if you bookmarked an intermediate page (for example the first page after the language choice) you will reach the old site, which is no longer updated and which I will delete as soon as possible!Enjoy reading on:http://www.shaula3.ws

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