On the web-site at http://www.shaula4.it (or the old address: http://www.shaula3.ws ) I have made several updates and have added a full chapter concerning ON-BOARD ELECTRONICS, what we chose for Shaula3 and what we decided to do differently for Shaula4, and why. I’m working on some additional info that will be published shortly, such as schematics and budget. Hope it’s of … Continua a leggere

WHAT WORKED, WHAT DIDN’T (part 3, transportation)

What, transportation on a boat? Yes indeed, once you get someplace, other transportation means become useful or even essential! First of all, the: 1) DINGHY: it’s absolutely essential to reach the shore when anchored off, and in view of the fact that in coral-fringed areas it’s common to anchor well out and quite often the only spot where it’s possible … Continua a leggere


Another frequent question: are you happy with the decision to sail in a Rally? Isn’t it too quick/too expensive/following the wrong route/providing not enough support/and so on… Our decision to join a Rally was mainly due to two reasons: 1) we were not willing to stay away from home for too much time, and 2) we did not feel our … Continua a leggere


The voyage is over!!  After Brindisi, we stopped for a couple of days in Vieste, where we originally planned to “close the circle”, and from there we sailed straight for Aprilia Marittima, where we put Shaula out of the water for a brief spell of maintenance work. It’s a funny feeling being home after nearly two years of absence, and … Continua a leggere


Two things of which there is no shortage in Indonesia: not only the islands are obviously of volcanic origin, but there are several active ones as well: yesterday we anchored at the foot of one, a 3000-meter high mountain, just in front of a tiny fishermen’s village. We went ashore with the dinghy, zigzagging around fishing boats of all shapes, … Continua a leggere


We have updated our Foto-Albums with the pictures from Cook islands to Australia. Click on the button on the left or go to the following address: http://fotoalbum.alice.it/alice/gianfranco.balducci/ and then select the album “Blue Water Rally – part 3”  


After several months, it seems that our provider has solved the problem that did not allow us to update the BLOG by e-mail. I have partially updated the Blog with the story so-far: in few more days, taking advantage of the good wi-fi coverage in the Society Islands, I hope to complete the update and put some fotos in the … Continua a leggere


The other day when we arrived here, the group split in two: the anchorage by the ancient village is very near a small passe and when the tide is rising the flow of water goes exactly through the anchorage itself, with waves being created by the wind blowing in the opposite direction.  “Neva” and “Paramour”, that were just in the … Continua a leggere


We are in Tahanea, anchored inside the coral reef, near a small pass where the now abandoned village of Otao once was.    ALMOST abandoned, in fact! We went ashore with the dinghy, leaving it in a calm lagoon which is nearly reaching the sea on the other side, and then we walked along the shore, Baby collecting dead corals and … Continua a leggere


So, coral atolls are shaped like rings with an internal lagoon riddled of rocks and islets. So far so good, but how do you get inside?  In most cases, the coral ring is irregular and here and there there are passages that are in fact called…. passes!! Passages yes, but they are not necessarily wide and trouble free, actually most … Continua a leggere