In the last weeks I have no longer been able to access our web-site at the address to update it; not unusual, our provider has given us occasional problems before.At last, after many fruitless attempts, I decided to change our provider, and we have taken the opportunity to CREATE A NEW SITE, related to the name of the new … Continua a leggere


Since our arrival in Jesolo with the wrec… sorry I mean with THE BOAT, despite the short distance from our house to the Marina we have not progressed much with the arrangement/improvement/total remake jobs.The problem is that the solutions to the various jobs are inter-related: the position choosen for the batteries may require moving the fridge, the solution for the … Continua a leggere


– the stern gland is a lump of rust – the hull is still very dirty after one week of efforts to clean it – the outboard drips fuel – the oven is broken – the gas system dates back to 1992 – the VHF is missing – and a chartplotter is missing as well – log and depthsounder are … Continua a leggere


We are in Fiumara Grande, a branch of the Tiber river near Fiumicino, to work on the boat: the general idea would be to put the boat back in the water by week’s end, which means to complete some works which require the hull out of the water, like: – install the transducer for the new log and depth sounder … Continua a leggere


We’ve made it! After nearly 4 years since our return from the Blue Water Rally, and more than an year struggling with misterious health problems, we bought ourselves a boat! It’s actually a project, more than an actual, ready to sail, vessel: once again, aluminium hull with lifting keel and rudder, but smaller than Shaula3 by a good couple of … Continua a leggere


It’s been a long time since I last added something to the web-site! In fact I spent a lot of time fighting with the DVD’s we shot during the circumnavigation and that for some mysterious reason I was unable to import and edit properly; my objective was to put some short videos on the web-site, and while my attempts were … Continua a leggere


We just published a couple of new items in our WEB SITE: – “PROVISIONING”, at the address A revised version of previous articles published on this Blog – “SPARES STOCK”, at the address A new page, including Shaula3’s Spares-List Enjoy the reading!


Obviously, when we were in port our preferred activity (in fact our voyage’s primary objective!) was to visit the area, and this could take many forms, from walking or cycling around to renting a car or a driver, or joining an organised trip, sometimes arranged by the Rally organisers and other times organised by the Rally crews on their own. … Continua a leggere


Expecially on passage, far from the sight of land, days rapidly fall into a repetitive and somewhat boring routine… First of all, some GENERAL CRITERIA: 1) nobody steers the boat, this is a job for the wind-vane or the electronic autopilot, both more accurate and less prone to distraction than a bored or sleepy helmsman… 2) there is ALWAYS somebody … Continua a leggere


During our voyage around the world we consumed about 4,000 liters of drinking water and other beverages, plus about 18,000 liters of tank water (mostly used for washing): now try to figure the hard work of replenishing our tanks, considering that very seldom shops and water taps are in the immediate vicinity of the yacht at anchor. Even in the … Continua a leggere