At last! It’s been a lot of work, but finally I managed to finish updating our web-site with the story of our circumnavigation, complete with photos. While I was at it, I also changed the site’s appearance, which was not to my liking anymore; I hope you will like the new looks as well! Have a look, if you wish, … Continua a leggere


I realise that I never touched a subject that is very debated in all books about long-distance sailing: the shift system! Also among the Rally crews, this was a popular subject…. before the departure! In fact, everybody soon found his ideal solution and the subject was forgotten entirely. The Husband-and-wife crews had little choice: one sleeps while the other is … Continua a leggere


I just realize that we never talked about the laundry: during a short summer cruise this is seldom a problem, in most cases you may need to was some bathing costumes in a bucket, or you can wait until you go back home, but in a 20-month voyage obviously you need to tackle this problem! Every time we reached a … Continua a leggere


After two years since our return home, I finally managed to find the time to fix our website, at the address: http://www.shaula3.ws Our original plan was to update the site during the voyage around the world, but very soon we had to ackowledge that this was unrealistic, because in order to update a web-site a large number of files needs … Continua a leggere


An old friend sent me a document, recently issued by a group of long-distance sailing associations, which gives an update on the piracy threat in the Gulf of Aden and Arabic Sea areas; the full document, which is a very sobering read, can be downloaded at te following link: http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/25523088/271916555/name/Piracy3.pdf I report this information maily to warn the friends that … Continua a leggere


A Rally around the world by a group of over 30 yachts is an excellent opportunity to stress-test the on-board equipment: some experiences I already described in the past, some others I will post when the opportunity arises, like for the subject of this post, triggered by having seen an advertisement on a nautical magazine. The electrical consumption of the … Continua a leggere


After having discussed victualling, it looks logical to spend few words concerning the cute little beasts that can hitch a ride in the packing of our precious stores! All books about long-distance sailing in tropical waters devote many pages to the problem of bug infestation, how to reduce the risk and how to get rid of them when (when, not … Continua a leggere